Final Preparations

I think that now most of the stuff is done, my preparations are nearly finished. The backpack and additional gift bag are nearly ready, and short before to be closed and locked. Should be around 21 kilogram, so well below the allowed 30 kg. Hope nothing important forgotten, and if, then Thailand will be happy to sell it to me.

Amazing what you can push into a bag…

Check-in is also done thanks to wonderful online capabilities. The flight FRA – DXB seemed to have some free seats, while DXB – BKK looked pretty much stuffed. Both flights are with 777, and not with A380, what is somewhat a pity.

Anyway Emirates will do a good job to get me to Bangkok. By the way, a day before the check-in was opened, they offered me to upgrade to Business class on the first leg with a special price. But actually that was more than the whole 4 legs (with return) cost me in the cheap charlie class. And as I’m curious, I checked after check-in again how much an upgrade would cost now, and it was around 100 Euro cheaper. Just easily saved another 100 Euro, the party can start.



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