Bangkok Transport

There are a few options for public transport in Bangkok. On the map it looks already quite nice, but it comes with a few handicaps. So it is not possible to buy one ticket from your starting station to the destination station, if you switch the mode of transport in between. A Skytrain ticket is only valid on the Skytrain, the Metro only likes Metro, and the Airport Express is operated by State Railway. And the same is valid for all the different Bus lines, and ferry services. Well, for me as Darmstadian with our integrated ticket system this is an experience 😉

The underground Metro is may be the most efficient way to connect two points, but as a tourist you see nearly nothing as it just a black tunnel. The elevated tracks like the Skytrain and others like the Purple Line show you a lot of the city. You get a huge overview from 10 -15 meters above, and you are often close enough to have a look in the living room opposite your window.

Architecture of the elevated train stations is always spectacular, not in the sense of fine art but of brutal concrete.


Here a picture from the building site of the new Bangkok Central Station in Bang Sue. It will be ready in some years and then provide all train services out of Bangkok to the provinces, including the to-come new high speed network. Well, nobody knows currently what high speed means in Thailand, 100 km/h, 150 km/h or 200 km/h – but for sure it will be faster than the current 1-Meter rail system.



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