Mini Vans

Let’s take a minivan to an island. Common form of transportation, and they are operated by a myriad of companies which are doing a lot of point to point connections that have not enough passengers for a normal bus. 13 people in a Mini van for 12 – but you can also set a smaller person on the legs of another to improve the load factor. My lady on the emergency seat anyway, as she is the smallest. Obviously you need to transport also a lot of luggage in the same Mini van, so you easily use the rest of the space in the van. Don’t forget that the tires have nearly no profile, while LEDs that are blinking like a police car are a must. Travel speed is when the engine runs at the maximum. Cut literally each curve, switch the lane whenever it looks like you could overtake another vehicle. Funny maneuvers at the traffic lights and come as close as a bumper distance while at high speed. These mini vans come at a risc, but are often the only way to make the connection. The drivers are reckless, and most likely also under high pressure of their companies. There are reasons that the number of people dying on Thailand’s streets are so high. Keep on surviving.


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