Angkor Wat – Pride of Cambodia

Angkor Wat is for sure the pride of Cambodia, even on the flag you can see it. This temple is the biggest of for then 200 other temples in this area, north of the city of Siem Reap. It stretches over a couple of hundred meters. Surrounded by wide moats the structure represents the Hindu universe. Our guide told us is was done in 37 years and with 65389 people working on it – I did not laugh loud on it. The next day another guide told us it was build by different kings over a longer period, what would explain the different styles inside. Whatever comes closer, this complex is really amazing, and should be on the to-do-list of everybody who is somewhat into history. Unfortunately you can no longer access the most inner structures, which in former years allowed a great view to the surroundings, and the sunrise and sunset. There are also inscriptions in the stone, that look like written in there like on paper. As the scripts even from more than thousand years ago are still very close to nowadays Khmer script, the stories on there are easy to be translated.



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