Yangon – Circular Line

One of the favorites for Yangon tourists is the Circular Line railway. And for me as a railroad enthusiast a reason not to miss. The Circular Line starts in the old city center, where also all other train connections within Myanmar start. But it goes around the city of Yangon every 70 minutes or so. No idea why the british installed the line in way they installed it, but it is running until today. It starts in the dense center, goes to the suburbs, passes markets and living areas, and then country side with rice farms and cows, just to return to markets, living areas and the dense city center. The round takes around 3 hours of tschaka, tschaka, tschaka. In between a bunch of merchants move through the cars and try to sell their stuff. What is actually close to everything, but mostly food. The corn for example was delicious. But you can also buy lottery tickets, sim cards, or betel filled leafs. Some people just transport their goods from the market to home, whatever. It has something 😉
In the stations, when the train has stopped the normal pedestrians move through the train, as it blocks their way. No, they don’t wait, they step in and step out, no time to loose here. Amazing.




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