Bagan is a place somehow different from all I have seen before. For whatever reason 200 years long the people of Bagan built one temple after another, north, south, east, west in a dusty plain along the Irrawaddy river. Over more than 25 square kilometers the plains are filled with temples. Some small, some big, this style and that style, with Hindu influence or not. It is really amazing what was created here over that time frame. History says that the building frenzy was stopped when mongolian forces reached there at around 1200. After this event no more significant activity is noticed, besides local (village) use of temples. Interestingly it is not a world heritage site (as e.g. Angkor Wat is), due to renovation and repairing activities that were and are done in free-hand style. This comes for the tourist as an advantage, because most of the sites are completely open to the visitor. You climb on and in to it, and it is mostly hassle free 😉


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