Bagan – Sunrise & Sunset

Some of the temples in Bagan are wonderful view points for Sunrise & Sunset.

We joined the forces with several 100 other tourist to enjoy the spectacle of the Sunrise. And actually it was quite amazing, even as it was before 06:00 when we arrived there, what is definitely not my time. Short before the sun appears an armada of hot air balloons starts from from the ground. I can imagine that this is really great, but unfortunately they take a mere 330 US Dollar per person. That is serious money, and I really really wonder how they fill their balloons, may be it is already included in some packages.

For the sunset we took also some different path on not so popular temples, which are a little of the beaten path. Some entrepreneurs will show the ways. Next to us were two young danish ladies sitting, and eating Pizza out of a take-away carton. Scenic.
Further I found that there is no sunset where there are no clouds on the horizon, and I still ask myself way it is way it is 😉