Nong Khai

Thailand border town to Laos’ Vientiane is directly located at the banks of Mekong river. Unless many other cities in Asia here find a boulevard for only pedestrians and bicycles (and some motor bikes) right along the river for many kil0meters. That is just great, makes you feeling more secure (of not overrun by motorbike or car) and gives you great sights along the river. This comes together with day market and night market and lots of restaurants. Due to the Indochina market, you find a strong presence of vietnamese and chinese, also in the kitchen. Further there are some festivals during the year, while the most popular is on October full moon, where the mysterious Naga fire balls within the Mekong river can be watched. The thai side of the river is developed desensely, the lao side of the Mekong is still a rural strip. Stop by for a day or two when you come near Nong Khai. From here it is only a stroll (literally) over the Friendship bridge to Laos and Vientiane.


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