Khamchanote – 9 headed Naga Temple

This small island temple affair became very popular in the recent years. When I got it right, there was a TV report about it and it’s special powers, and now the people flock in in masses. It is about the magic powers a nine headed snake (Naga) provides to its believers. Mostly the offerings should add to your positive karma in your next life, but it is quite clear that the biggest flower givings are from the biggest sinners. There are really a lot of people on the temple ground and within all my time in Thailand, it is was the very first time that I was the only farang around in such a public place. The surrounding market infrastructure is still very basic, and for example toilets are still missing. Interestingly somebody forbid the fish feeding, but therefore you can now free the eel. Funny enough I was able to photograph a small snake just next to the walkway on the island- may be it had to join some ceremony and was now heading back home.


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