Vang Vien

Former party capital of Laos, getting a re-engineering. Where there was 24/7 party with everything what turns on openly on the display, is now an outdoor activity hub with closing time at 23:00. Vang Vien is a tourist hot spot with an abundance of tourist related infrastructure. Actually you go for 4-5 hours with the bus or mini-van over dusty highways through the Laos countryside, because so far are the bigger cities of Vientiane and Luang Prabang with their airports, and next tourist hubs around. Then suddenly out of the nowhere this satellite of planet fun appears. Amazing.
Nearly everything in this town is related to tourism, and the tourists flock in. Mainly Asians nowadays, and my assumption is that much of them coming in with package tours. Also the developments are still moving on heavily, and there are also lots of bigger places. The Nam Xong river is still idyllic and you can do a lot of different outdoor activities at daytime. But in the evening you might miss any kind of open party as 23:00 closure is strictly followed.


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