Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang has also the World Heritage title, and I think it is worth it. The small peninsula between Mekong and Nam river is a beautiful collection of temples and colonial style housing. It is free of high-rise buildings and big complexes unlike other tourist towns. This gives a very special charming face, and a very high variety of guesthouses, restaurants and shops. The daily night market takes care for all kind of tourist souvenirs, but you have to bargain, and you have to bargain hard to get a reasonable price. Great are the restaurants directly on platforms above the Mekong river. Here you chill and dine, or just sib on your fruit shake,  while river live moves by.
We made also trips to some caves along the Mekong, and visited a very scenic waterfall (Tat Kuang Si) with many natural pools, which are partly open for swimming.

One of the most photographed action is the morning (around 06:00 – uuuh) alms giving to the monks from the plentiful monasteries in town. But be aware that this is a kind of perverted show – the monks get so much alms (mainly plastic bags with industry mini cakes, and sticky rice) that they drop it in waste baskets placed every 10 meters on the road side. Which are then recycled by the alms plate traders for sale to tourists for the next group of monks arriving. It is really a business with greedy traders and long queues of monks, while tourist groups are brought in with the minivan.



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