Koh Samui

Lets have a little beach retreat – lets go to Koh Samui. Koh Samui is one of the main tourism islands of Thailand (second after Phuket) and located in the gulf of Siam. The easiest way to travel there is to take the plane (1 hour flight from Bangkok), but it comes at a comparable high price as the airport on Koh Samui is private and operated by a company of the Bangkok Airways group, which runs also most of the flights to Samui. Alternatively you can take a combination of train/bus and ship, which takes around 16 to 18 hours.
We checked in to a hotel in central Chaweng, the city with the longest and very beautiful beach. This area is fully developed for tourists, and there is nearly no building that does not cater to tourists. The advantage is that you get all you ever might need within a very close range. But please do not expect anything close to real Thai life here 😉 It is including local business as well as international chain stores. And in each store you have to bargain hard, as vendors tend to squeeze out the tourist like a sponge.
You can stroll on the beach for many, many kilometers, and it is just beautiful. All beaches have free access for everybody, what means that even the biggest and exclusives hotels can not block access to the beach. And when you pass by, you can see a lot of 5-star developments which look very nice.
It was also amazing to see how much progress and new developments are ongoing here. That can be a bit noisy at daytime, but later it no issue at all. Lets see how it is looking here in some years again.


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